Automate the boring parts

Roy Stewart 2021-06-19

Are you tired of typing out repetitive commands or doing the same tasks over and over? If so, learn how you can use your shell environment to automate out the boring stuff so that you can instead focus on the exciting bits.

Why your website should use SVGs more often

Roy Stewart 2021-05-17

SVGs are an extremely powerful tool that can greatly simplify how you use simple images such as logos, icons, and more. Learn how you can take advantages of their strengths to create a more maintainable website that provides a better experience to your users.

How to write better code by leveraging abstractions

Roy Stewart 2020-06-02

One of the most underutilized tools at a developers disposal is abstraction. Abstraction can greatly reduce the amount of code that you rewrite while also making the code that you write much more meaningful. Learn how to utilize abstractions in everyday code to build better, stronger, and more flexible code bases.